Celebration of Life and Memorial Services

A Celebration of Life or Memorial Service is for the remembering, honouring and paying respect to the loved one that has passed away; allowing family and friends to realise the loss, grieve with others and give closure.

It is becoming increasingly popular to hold a Celebration of Life or Fabulous Farewell in lieu of the traditional memorial service. Guests take a walk down memory lane of the deceased, revisiting happy times together and celebrating their life. Some like to combine fundraising with the event to create a little positive from the loss and pay it forward.

White Lilies have worked with those in Palliative or Hospice Care that want to plan their own ceremony, truly owning their final party and making sure that the loved that they leave behind, laugh and smile with memories as well as mourn their loss. The pre-planning also helps to give peace of mind.

Whether it is a private memorial service, Celebration of Life or Fabulous Farewell and Fundraiser, White Lilies can provide a range of services to help you create a special send off.

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