White Lilies are Bereavement Co-ordination and Deceased Estate Management Specialists.

With Western Australia’s ever increasing ageing demographic profile and the social changes that see family members living interstate or overseas, more and more people have their final days alone. + I DONT LIKE THIS PART!

At a time of bereavement it is easy to become overwhelmed with emotions and by the responsibilities placed upon you.

White Lilies understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is a difficult and often a testing period of time so we provide an extensive range of services to help make the loss of a loved one less traumatic by assisting with the burden and tasks ahead.

Our services include funeral and wake arrangement and a range of services to provide practical assistance following a death.  For a full list of all the services, please see the ‘Services’ page in this website.

As well as working with the bereaved at their time of loss, we offer a service to those in a care home or hospice, helping to ensure each of their final wishes are met and making the final moments a little easier as they know that all is organised for when they pass.

White Lilies work with Funeral Directors, Nursing homes, solicitors and private individuals.

With a wealth of experience in Project Management, Emotional Intelligence, Death and Deceased Estate management, White Lilies offer a range of services to bring a balance of calm and compassionate understanding to effective management to ease you through these hard times.

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